Festivities will begin on Friday, October 23rd, at 3pm,
with games and snacks at the Dawn Ranch Lodge.

Followed by a BBQ dinner at 6pm.

The wedding will take place on Saturday, October 24th, at 3:30pm,
in the redwoods of Northern California. 

A cocktail reception and dinner will follow.

Afterward we'll move into town for dessert and dancing! 




The Bohemian Grove   |   Monte Rio, CA


9:00PM – ?

   The River Theatre   |   Guerneville, CA


Please note: No cars are permitted at the Bohemian Grove. Transportation will be provided to and from the ceremony, as well as to and from the after-party.

Please note as well that the wedding will take place in a real live forest -- an unfriendly place for a pointy heel!

Also, the weather in the Russian River Valley is generally lovely this time of year, but evenings can be chilly, and one never knows. Please consider layers.